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26 July 2004 @ 06:41 pm
The Staff  

Ok, first entry...sheesh, it's like a ghost town in here....

Well, icebreaker time.

Director: Don Bliss

Don Bliss is in his 10th year as the Director of the Viking Theater Company. He formerly served the Wareham Public Schools as "Artist in Residence", presenting drama projects in classrooms. He has toured nationally with the "Phantom of the Opera". A popular local storyteller, Don writes short stories and makes audio recordings for the blind. He has appeared in several comedic, straight, and musical roles throughout his acting career in addition to appearing on television and in episodes of The Cape Cod Mystery Radio Theater. Don is co-author of the new play "Voices From Ground Zero", published last year and Author of Fowl Play, published 2003.

(Author: Unknown)

Assistant Director: John Flynn

John Flynn is the VTC's new Assistant Director. He teaches English at Wareham H.S. and previously worked on Wall Street before taking up teaching. John is originally from Albany New York, where he attended a Catholic/Military high school, if you can believe such exists. He is also the advisor to The Viking Times.

(Author Unknown)


Kim Marsh is VTC's Choreographer. She has appeared in and choreographed numerous shows on Cape Cod including My Fair Lady, The Boyfriend, and many more. In addition to her theatrical skills, Kim is the Grand High Confectioner at the Candy Manor in Chatham.

(Author Unknown)

Ok, now that you know the people, JOIN THE VTC!